Secure Phone

A specialized device that guarantees the confidentiality of your communications in the digital age.

secure phone

We Provide the Security Your Work Requires

Secure Phone is a mobile communications device designed to protect people’s privacy. It uses strong end-to-end encryption and counter-surveillance technology to put security in the palm of your hand.

End-to-End Encryption

All incoming and outgoing communications on Secure Phone remain encrypted all the way from the sender to the recipient.

Peer-to-Peer Messaging

No chat messages are ever stored on our servers. All communications take place only between the users, only when they are online.

Secure File Transfer

Our email and chat apps allow users to transfer files and documents securely, by applying strong encryption to all attachments.

Various Ways to Wipe

There are several ways a user can erase all data on the device: through a special app, via chat or email, or by asking us to trigger the process.

Instant Connectivity

Secure Phone comes out of the box with an unlimited data plan. You don’t have to deal with mobile operators or worry about extra fees.

Malware-Resistant OS

The device runs on a highly-modified version of Android, called Secure OS, designed to withstand hacking and malware attacks.

Secure Apps for Improved Communication

Secure Chat - Encrypted Chat and VoIP

Secure Chat

Encrypted Chat and Calls

Our instant messaging app uses the OTR, OMEMO, and ZRTP cryptographic protocols to secure all your chats and calls.

One-Time Use Keys

Every message is encrypted with a different key, providing forward secrecy – chat histories remain secured even if a key is hacked.

Advanced Security Features

The app allows you to set self-destruct timers to your messages, hide conversations, and remotely wipe your device.

Secure Vault - Encrypted File Container

Secure Vault

Encrypted File Container

The app allows users to store their chat logs and received files in a PIN- or password-locked container, secured by AES XTS encryption

Save Encrypted Notes

Secure Vault is also an encrypted notes editor, which allows users to write down sensitive information quickly and securely.

Fully Integrated

The equivalent of a regular Android device’s shared media folder, the container is fully integrated with our secure communications apps.

Secure Wipe - Wipe Secure Phone

Secure Wipe

Users can erase all data on the phone with this app. Unlike delete or factory reset, it leaves no traces that can be used to restore the data later.

IMSI-Catcher Detector - Detect Fake Cell Towers

IMSI-Catcher Detector

IMSI-catchers are fake cell towers used to wiretap mobile devices. This app can detect such towers and prompt users to avoid them.

Policy Manager

Policy Manager

To prevent malicious tampering with the device, Secure Phone runs on preset OS and software policies. Users can review them in this app.

secure phone

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Your professional and personal communications need security against hackers and eavesdroppers. Secure Phone is built for that purpose.